Don’t want to be cheated? In addition to monitoring the camera brand, video surveillance systems must know this knowledge!

What brand of surveillance camera is good? This is a question that many people are asking me. This is a more general question.
I have personally worked in the security industry for nearly 8 years. In 2010, I entered Chengdu Wanquan Electronics and worked in the security industry. 8 years from an ordinary employee to the department manager. Although it is not an elite, it is also an introduction.

I think they want a stable, cost-effective video surveillance system. The reason why the brand is asked is because they feel that the brand machine is of good quality and stable performance. However, as far as the entire monitoring system is concerned, the brand of the surveillance camera is good, and does not mean that the equipment is running stably.
It’s like you go to a computer. Nowadays, many people’s computers are not branded machines. Most of them are assembly machines. Maybe the motherboard is ASUS, the CPU is Intel, and the chassis is XXX. Why choose this? Because of this choice, performance can meet your needs and cost-effective.

The monitoring system is the same. One of the simplest monitoring systems includes: surveillance cameras, power supplies, power cords, hard disk recorders, cables, brackets, displays, cable boxes, switches, routers, and more. Every device will affect the stability of the later period.
The key is not to monitor which brand of camera is good, but which video surveillance system solution is more suitable for you! More suitable for your use environment and usage habits, more to meet your needs! This is the point.
The factors that affect the effect of later use are roughly the following:
First, surveillance camera parameters and performance
It includes: product features, imaging devices, effective pixels, lens parameters, minimum illumination, horizontal resolution, motion detection, infrared illumination distance, audio/video parameters, resolution, compression format, network interface, network protocol, protection Grade, power supply voltage, power supply, product size, product weight, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, etc.;

Surveillance camera parameters and performance are based on the use environment and personal needs to select the appropriate parameters and performance. Parameters and performance are more important than brands in some cases. The closer you are to the equipment you need, the better the later results. The performance of each manufacturer’s equipment is somewhat different, and the theoretical performance and actual performance are also different. Not the performance of the big brand equipment will be able to meet your needs. Flexible choice, contrast selection is the best way.