Video surveillance system installation and construction basics

The basic knowledge of the installation and construction of video surveillance system, video surveillance is the first system that needs to be mastered for the newcomers who have just entered the line. The installation of video surveillance system is the most basic skill. The weak newcomers can take this. The article is familiar and used in practice to fully grasp the video surveillance system.
First, cable selection and tool preparation

1. Video cable: SYV75-3 line transmission within 300 meters, 75-5 line transmission within 500 meters, 75-7 line can transmit 800 meters; more than 500 meters distance, it is necessary to consider the use of “optical cable”. Also, pay attention to the quality of the “coaxial cable.
2, power cord: to choose “flame retardant” cable, the skin is strong, under the premise of cost, try to use thick points to reduce the attenuation of the power supply.
3, twisted pair: cat5e or cat6
4, control line: generally use “with shielding” 2 * 1.0 cable, RVVP2 * 1.0.
5, threading pipe: generally use “PVC pipe” can be, to “buried, explosion-proof” project, you must choose “galvanized” steel pipe.
Preparation tools:

Electrician knife, ladder, electric iron, one-word screwdriver, cross screwdriver, needle-nosed pliers, impact drill, level ruler, pull wire, wire drop, wire stripper, ink line, lip clamp, digital multimeter or pointer multimeter, 500V Insulation shaker, cable clamp
Prepare the auxiliary materials:
Plastic expansion tube, machine screw, flat washer, spring washer, terminal block, drill bit, solder, flux, insulating tape, plastic tape, crystal head, various joints, etc.
installation steps:
Pre-installation test, camera installation, central terminal equipment installation, commissioning

Second, the camera style is divided into fixed camera, high-speed ball machine and PTZ camera, hemisphere machine and other three we will talk about the mainstream.
Fixed camera installation
1. According to the actual situation of the site, choose the installation method, the outdoor pole is used, the horizontal bracket is installed, the indoor horizontal wall bracket installation or ceiling lifting is installed, and the universal steering clamp is installed on the bracket, and the connection of the universal steering clamp and the horizontal bracket is plated. Zinc screws are fixed.
2. If the pole is installed, the height of the pole is not less than 3.5 meters according to the field of view. The thickness of the fixed steel plate of the pole is not less than 8mm. The basic embedded parts are made of 16mm threaded round steel, the height is 500mm and the width is 200mm. The mesh structure. In the installation position, excavate the soil, put the embedded parts into the ground, the height is 70mm above the ground, and then pour the cement with the label 1:1. When pouring, the threaded part higher than the ground part is made of insulating tape. Bandaging, the monitoring pole can be installed after 4-5 days.
3. Install the pole. When installing, be careful to remove the paint on the surface of the pole. Fix it with a 16mm nut. Add a washer and a spring between the nut and the screw. The height of the screw is not more than 10mm. The excess is cut with a cutter. After the fixing is completed, apply anti-rust paint on the screws and screws. After the anti-rust paint is dry, apply the same paint as the vertical bar.
4. Fix the bracket with galvanized screws on the top of the pole, fix the bottom cover of the shield on the universal movable clamp on the bracket, and insert the video cable and the power cable into the protective cover. The cable and the protective cover are sealed by a sealing ring. The bare wire between the shield and the pole is protected with a 16mm plastic hose. The analog monitor is installed on the video line to solder the BNC head, fix the tested camera, plug in the BNC head and the lotus head of the power supply, and cut off the 220V power supply before plugging in the power. Secure the top cover of the shield with screws, but do not screw all the screws. Digital monitoring twisted pair made crystal head (RJ45).

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