Can meet the most basic video call needs – Logitech Logitech C170 webcam

When I chose it, I wanted to buy a cheap one. I thought that I used to use the camera to occasionally have no sound or no image. I have to re-plug the various egg pains or choose a brand. Finally, I chose the cheapest Logitech. Logitech C170 webcam , when buying black special price 69 yuan.
It took more than two months to be pretty good. I didn’t have any problems. When I used the camera, I used most of the c270 files. I didn’t find the experience of using c170, so let me send one myself.

A lot of Logitech cameras are almost the same shape, and the support method is the same. When I buy it, I think it would be enough to buy the lowest end of my small water pipe upload and QQ video restrictions. Anyway, I can see clearly if the person hears clearly, even if it is qualified, After getting the hand, unpacking the box for half a day results in a camera body + a few sheets of paper, Logitech Webcam Software, this has to go down

A usb interface can be used, but it is recommended to install a Logitech Webcam Software. Sometimes it is more convenient to take a picture with the camera. Compared to the c270, the c170 does not have any filters and special effects.

There are two installation methods. The bracket has two joints that can move like the following picture to support the camera on the table. The red circle has a green bar indicator, which will light up when the camera works. Being filmed.

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