What equipment is included in a complete video surveillance?

First, network camera + camera bracket


Network camera, also known as IPC, IP Camera, is the main equipment for video image acquisition. The biggest advantage of network camera comparison analog camera is high definition. The resolution of network camera is high, and it can achieve high definition effect. The resolution of network camera is 130. Megapixels, 2 million pixels, 3 million pixels, etc.

Second, the network high-definition DVR

The main purpose of the network HD DVR is to realize centralized management, device search, image preview, centralized recording, video playback and other functions for the front-end network camera, using embedded Linux system. Therefore, in order to ensure the recording storage time, the network HD DVR generally supports multiple bays.

Third, monitor the hard disk

The main purpose of monitoring the hard disk is to store the video recording and install it in the network HD DVR. Due to the high resolution of the network camera and the large code stream, the storage capacity per unit time is much larger than that of the analog monitor. Therefore, the capacity of the hard disk is high. At the same time, since the video requires 24 hours of continuous recording, the quality requirements of the hard disk are also high, so it is recommended to select a large-capacity monitoring-class hard disk in the digital network monitoring. The current hard disk specifications are generally 4T, 6T, 10T and so on.

Fourth, the display

The display is mainly used to display video images on the network HD DVR, and is connected to the network HD DVR via VGA or HDMI interface.

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