I think it is not worthwhile but still ordering products Xiaomi Mia Xii smart camera enhanced version experience

This time is the first product in 2019 that I think is worthless but still ordered to be purchased. The official website is $399 Xiaomi Mijia Xiaobai Smart Camera Enhanced Edition. For the sake of simplicity and rudeness, some conclusions are first placed in the first paragraph. . The reason for not worth it is actually the same as most people, just a home camera, $99 or $139 can already meet the basic needs, this original price of $600, the promotion of $350  smart camera enhanced version of the price is really not tall. It is precisely because of this that it has been on sale for more than two months, and so far there have been few people to share related experiences. In fact, I am not a rice noodle, nor are I using a millet phone. In the past, there were only a few experiences of the millet galvanometers.
Welcome to watch this article . In fact, this lock is good, it does not have WIFI itself, only Bluetooth, if you need remote alarm, view status, increase linkage, you need a built-in Bluetooth gateway device to do the jump, but the rain gradually, put The distance is blowing far… Sing it, oh, it’s easy to release yourself recently. However, the Mijia does not have an independent Bluetooth gateway, and the official website has several devices with Bluetooth gateway. According to the price range of $100~300, I have selected 3 products still on sale: Mijia bedside lamp 1st generation, Xiaomi smart alarm clock, Mijia Xiaobai camera enhanced version. Among them, the camera is more practical and convenient to directly link security. For the Mijiamen lock, I also had to fall into the pit of the Mijia ecological chain.