The composition and function of the video surveillance system, easy self-study monitoring system, weak basic knowledge!

The monitoring system believes that most of the electric power personnel are familiar. The monitoring system is widely used in factories, shopping malls, office buildings, and homes. What are the components of the monitoring system?What is the role in the monitoring system?
Monitoring systems can generally be divided into analog monitoring systems and digital monitoring systems. Previously used are basically analog monitoring systems, and now basically all are popular digital monitoring systems.Below we take the analog monitoring system as an example.

The full analog video surveillance system is mainly composed of a camera, a video matrix, a monitor, an analog video recorder, etc., and the devices are connected by a cable such as a video cable or a control cable. Since the system is transmitted in pure analog mode, the transmission distance of video cable (a few fiber optics) can not be too far, so the system is mainly used for monitoring in a small range, such as building monitoring, etc., monitoring images can only be viewed in the control center.
A complete video surveillance system can be divided into front-end, back-end and transmission.

First, the front end of the monitoring system.
1. Classification and application of surveillance cameras.
(1): Ordinary gun machine.
This type of camera is the most common surveillance camera, which means that it is made in accordance with the basic structure of the surveillance camera. What is emphasized here is the difference in the lens. Normal, long-distance and wide-angle lenses can be mounted on the gun. According to the standard of the lens, the 6.0mm lens is used as the dividing line. Generally, it is a wide-angle lens, and the angle is generally greater than 30 degrees. Larger than the larger ones, the distance is generally greater than 30 meters.

(2): Hemispherical camera.
This type of camera is similar to other standards except that the casing is different from the ordinary gun.
(3): Infrared camera .

This kind of camera is a camera that enhances the night vision effect by using an infrared light on the basis of an ordinary camera. Some ordinary camera CCDs have an infrared function. For this type of camera, it is sufficient to directly install an infrared lamp. Some cameras do not contain the infrared function, which requires the lens. It must be an infrared lens plus an infrared lamp to meet the requirements.
(4): Integrated camera.
This type of camera is also used very frequently. It is a special type of surveillance camera that integrates the zoom lens (divided into manual and automatic) with the basic components of the camera.
It generally has two uses:
The first is to use with the spherical head, also known as the “calibre” in the ball machine;