A step away from the profession – small ant intelligent surveillance camera night vision version (with video demo)

It’s a joke, I really don’t know why Rebs is going to be called Monkey King. But the title of “price butcher”, I think it is deserved. Although I am not a fan of Xiaomi, there are still two or three sets of millet equipment around me. Recently I heard that Monkey King is ready to be a drone . It is expected to be released as soon as the end of this month. Everyone, Are you ok?

For Xiaomi’s products, the community is mixed. As far as I am concerned, I have used Xiaomi’s mobile phone. The route includes the camera that I want to talk about today . For Xiaomi’s products, the evaluation I gave is very simple—it is really cost-effective. However, it is indeed a penny.

Then monitor the picture quality. Selected HD. The effect is just like that. Although the propaganda said what 720P, XXXX resolution, I think the data is always a bunch of numbers, the implementation of the use level is not necessarily able to achieve our brain compensation effect. Small ants are such products. As far as I am concerned, the camera is topping the standard of a 200W pixel camera. It’s probably not stressful to see it, but you said that you have to look at it carefully, and it is estimated that the far end of the picture is more difficult. However, as occasional monitoring for daily use, I think it is qualified. There is almost no delay in the picture, but the sound is slightly delayed.