Master the basics of these surveillance cameras: know how to buy surveillance

Monitoring systems have become very popular in the industrial, commercial, and civilian fields. Already every one of us has access to surveillance cameras. Every day we go to work, regardless of corridors, elevators, parking lots, company doors, corridors, etc. Go to the camera.

Today, we can understand the basic knowledge parameters of the surveillance camera so that we can more fully understand the surveillance camera, and at the same time, we can choose a suitable home monitoring to ensure home safety.
We will learn the basics of surveillance cameras from the aspects of monitoring composition, monitoring shape, monitoring lens, monitoring resolution, power supply mode, storage mode, monitoring networking and video coding.

Surveillance camera composition:
We need to have a general understanding of the composition of the surveillance camera system. You need to install at least one part of the monitoring system, including the front camera, transmission cable and equipment, and the DVR. ,monitor. This component is the simplest device system. The transmission cable is now transmitted by the network cable. The number of routers or switches used in the transmission device needs to be configured according to the specific conditions.
Surveillance camera shape:

We have seen a wide variety of surveillance cameras, the most common are guns, domes, dome cameras; other shapes are smart machines, toys, plugs, light bulbs and other shapes.