The original home monitor can also hide such black technology and increase knowledge.

Whenever and wherever, home is always our biggest concern. When people are not at home, they often worry about the situation at home; when the baby is asleep, we may sometimes leave because of an emergency or sleep in a room, and worry about what happens when the baby wakes up.
At this time, I want to have clairvoyance, and I hope to see the situation at home in “a thousand miles away.” Although we don’t have a naked eye, we can install a home monitor at home so that we can get to know the situation at home anytime, anywhere.
Even though many people have their home monitors installed, they are not very useful, because the video quality of the camera is very unclear, and there are still many blind spots that cannot be seen at all. So when we choose a home camera, it is very important to choose a high-definition camera.
Adopting the 1080P high-definition camera, the picture quality is more clear and transparent, and the details can be displayed very well. The reduction degree is also quite stable, and the picture is delicate and real.
Its L DC distortion correction technology can effectively eliminate the distortion and distortion caused by the wide-angle lens, and improve the display effect. It restores the more realistic scene and makes the viewing experience more comfortable.

At night, the child is already asleep, and we are still working overtime. At this time, we can look at the child and it is the greatest relief for the parents. However, if the camera installed in the baby’s room does not have the night shooting function, after turning off the lights at night, it is completely impossible to see the child.
Therefore, it is best to equip the camera in the child’s room with the night shooting function, so that we can better understand the baby’s condition at night.
112° wide wide-angle viewing angle with 2.5mm effective focal length, with 4x digital zoom optical lens, transparent optical resolution, better video quality and wider shooting range. Its infrared night vision technology uses eight 940nm infrared fill light, which will automatically operate when the picture is dim, and can also display realistic high-definition picture quality in dark nights.

When I go out to travel or go on a business trip, I am worried that my family’s property will be stolen.  So we can install a camera at home that can record the human form and quickly contact us or handle the alarm, which is much safer.
In addition, the camera installation time is long, and the preservation of video data is also a big problem. If you choose a camera with cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about storage problems.

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