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Are you still buying a 1080p smart camera? I don’t know if there are 3 million pixels?

As a smart security product, the smart camera has attracted the attention of the public in recent years, and has taken over the market that originally belonged to the traditional surveillance camera._x000D_ Smart cameras make surveillance cameras no longer exclusive to public places such as factories and restaurants, but walk into every ordinary family to […]

The composition and function of the video surveillance system, easy self-study monitoring system, weak basic knowledge!

The monitoring system believes that most of the electric power personnel are familiar. The monitoring system is widely used in factories, shopping malls, office buildings, and homes. What are the components of the monitoring system?What is the role in the monitoring system? Monitoring systems can generally be divided into analog monitoring systems and digital monitoring […]

What equipment is included in a complete video surveillance?

First, network camera + camera bracket   Network camera, also known as IPC, IP Camera, is the main equipment for video image acquisition. The biggest advantage of network camera comparison analog camera is high definition. The resolution of network camera is high, and it can achieve high definition effect. The resolution of network camera is […]

Video surveillance system installation and construction basics

The basic knowledge of the installation and construction of video surveillance system, video surveillance is the first system that needs to be mastered for the newcomers who have just entered the line. The installation of video surveillance system is the most basic skill. The weak newcomers can take this. The article is familiar and used […]

Don’t want to be cheated? In addition to monitoring the camera brand, video surveillance systems must know this knowledge!

What brand of surveillance camera is good? This is a question that many people are asking me. This is a more general question. I have personally worked in the security industry for nearly 8 years. In 2010, I entered Chengdu Wanquan Electronics and worked in the security industry. 8 years from an ordinary employee to […]