Are you still buying a 1080p smart camera? I don’t know if there are 3 million pixels?

As a smart security product, the smart camera has attracted the attention of the public in recent years, and has taken over the market that originally belonged to the traditional surveillance camera._x000D_

Smart cameras make surveillance cameras no longer exclusive to public places such as factories and restaurants, but walk into every ordinary family to help you see the elderly, see children and watch the cute pets. After the smart camera can bring so much convenience to the user, the quality requirements of the smart camera picture are increasing. From the initial 480p to the current 1080p, the requirements for smart camera screens have been changing, and it is still changing towards higher and higher picture quality. The smart camera is a new generation surveillance camera that can remotely monitor real-time surveillance video and control cameras through various terminals such as mobile phones and tablets. In addition to the functions of traditional surveillance cameras, it also has a variety of practical security and interactive functions such as two-way voice calls, night vision, and motion detection.
However, no matter how many functions the smart camera has, the picture quality and smoothness that the camera can provide to the user is the most concerned. Without this, other functions are just gimmicks.

The resolution of mainstream smart cameras on the market today is dominated by smart cameras of 720p and 1080p. But I believe that this situation will change in the near future, and Micro-Tengke has also launched a Vimtag CP2 smart camera with up to 3 million pixels.

The original home monitor can also hide such black technology and increase knowledge.

Whenever and wherever, home is always our biggest concern. When people are not at home, they often worry about the situation at home; when the baby is asleep, we may sometimes leave because of an emergency or sleep in a room, and worry about what happens when the baby wakes up.
At this time, I want to have clairvoyance, and I hope to see the situation at home in “a thousand miles away.” Although we don’t have a naked eye, we can install a home monitor at home so that we can get to know the situation at home anytime, anywhere.
Even though many people have their home monitors installed, they are not very useful, because the video quality of the camera is very unclear, and there are still many blind spots that cannot be seen at all. So when we choose a home camera, it is very important to choose a high-definition camera.
Adopting the 1080P high-definition camera, the picture quality is more clear and transparent, and the details can be displayed very well. The reduction degree is also quite stable, and the picture is delicate and real.
Its L DC distortion correction technology can effectively eliminate the distortion and distortion caused by the wide-angle lens, and improve the display effect. It restores the more realistic scene and makes the viewing experience more comfortable.

At night, the child is already asleep, and we are still working overtime. At this time, we can look at the child and it is the greatest relief for the parents. However, if the camera installed in the baby’s room does not have the night shooting function, after turning off the lights at night, it is completely impossible to see the child.
Therefore, it is best to equip the camera in the child’s room with the night shooting function, so that we can better understand the baby’s condition at night.
112° wide wide-angle viewing angle with 2.5mm effective focal length, with 4x digital zoom optical lens, transparent optical resolution, better video quality and wider shooting range. Its infrared night vision technology uses eight 940nm infrared fill light, which will automatically operate when the picture is dim, and can also display realistic high-definition picture quality in dark nights.

When I go out to travel or go on a business trip, I am worried that my family’s property will be stolen.  So we can install a camera at home that can record the human form and quickly contact us or handle the alarm, which is much safer.
In addition, the camera installation time is long, and the preservation of video data is also a big problem. If you choose a camera with cloud storage, you don’t have to worry about storage problems.

Master the basics of these surveillance cameras: know how to buy surveillance

Monitoring systems have become very popular in the industrial, commercial, and civilian fields. Already every one of us has access to surveillance cameras. Every day we go to work, regardless of corridors, elevators, parking lots, company doors, corridors, etc. Go to the camera.

Today, we can understand the basic knowledge parameters of the surveillance camera so that we can more fully understand the surveillance camera, and at the same time, we can choose a suitable home monitoring to ensure home safety.
We will learn the basics of surveillance cameras from the aspects of monitoring composition, monitoring shape, monitoring lens, monitoring resolution, power supply mode, storage mode, monitoring networking and video coding.

Surveillance camera composition:
We need to have a general understanding of the composition of the surveillance camera system. You need to install at least one part of the monitoring system, including the front camera, transmission cable and equipment, and the DVR. ,monitor. This component is the simplest device system. The transmission cable is now transmitted by the network cable. The number of routers or switches used in the transmission device needs to be configured according to the specific conditions.
Surveillance camera shape:

We have seen a wide variety of surveillance cameras, the most common are guns, domes, dome cameras; other shapes are smart machines, toys, plugs, light bulbs and other shapes.

A step away from the profession – small ant intelligent surveillance camera night vision version (with video demo)

It’s a joke, I really don’t know why Rebs is going to be called Monkey King. But the title of “price butcher”, I think it is deserved. Although I am not a fan of Xiaomi, there are still two or three sets of millet equipment around me. Recently I heard that Monkey King is ready to be a drone . It is expected to be released as soon as the end of this month. Everyone, Are you ok?

For Xiaomi’s products, the community is mixed. As far as I am concerned, I have used Xiaomi’s mobile phone. The route includes the camera that I want to talk about today . For Xiaomi’s products, the evaluation I gave is very simple—it is really cost-effective. However, it is indeed a penny.

Then monitor the picture quality. Selected HD. The effect is just like that. Although the propaganda said what 720P, XXXX resolution, I think the data is always a bunch of numbers, the implementation of the use level is not necessarily able to achieve our brain compensation effect. Small ants are such products. As far as I am concerned, the camera is topping the standard of a 200W pixel camera. It’s probably not stressful to see it, but you said that you have to look at it carefully, and it is estimated that the far end of the picture is more difficult. However, as occasional monitoring for daily use, I think it is qualified. There is almost no delay in the picture, but the sound is slightly delayed.

The composition and function of the video surveillance system, easy self-study monitoring system, weak basic knowledge!

The monitoring system believes that most of the electric power personnel are familiar. The monitoring system is widely used in factories, shopping malls, office buildings, and homes. What are the components of the monitoring system?What is the role in the monitoring system?
Monitoring systems can generally be divided into analog monitoring systems and digital monitoring systems. Previously used are basically analog monitoring systems, and now basically all are popular digital monitoring systems.Below we take the analog monitoring system as an example.

The full analog video surveillance system is mainly composed of a camera, a video matrix, a monitor, an analog video recorder, etc., and the devices are connected by a cable such as a video cable or a control cable. Since the system is transmitted in pure analog mode, the transmission distance of video cable (a few fiber optics) can not be too far, so the system is mainly used for monitoring in a small range, such as building monitoring, etc., monitoring images can only be viewed in the control center.
A complete video surveillance system can be divided into front-end, back-end and transmission.

First, the front end of the monitoring system.
1. Classification and application of surveillance cameras.
(1): Ordinary gun machine.
This type of camera is the most common surveillance camera, which means that it is made in accordance with the basic structure of the surveillance camera. What is emphasized here is the difference in the lens. Normal, long-distance and wide-angle lenses can be mounted on the gun. According to the standard of the lens, the 6.0mm lens is used as the dividing line. Generally, it is a wide-angle lens, and the angle is generally greater than 30 degrees. Larger than the larger ones, the distance is generally greater than 30 meters.

(2): Hemispherical camera.
This type of camera is similar to other standards except that the casing is different from the ordinary gun.
(3): Infrared camera .

This kind of camera is a camera that enhances the night vision effect by using an infrared light on the basis of an ordinary camera. Some ordinary camera CCDs have an infrared function. For this type of camera, it is sufficient to directly install an infrared lamp. Some cameras do not contain the infrared function, which requires the lens. It must be an infrared lens plus an infrared lamp to meet the requirements.
(4): Integrated camera.
This type of camera is also used very frequently. It is a special type of surveillance camera that integrates the zoom lens (divided into manual and automatic) with the basic components of the camera.
It generally has two uses:
The first is to use with the spherical head, also known as the “calibre” in the ball machine;

I think it is not worthwhile but still ordering products Xiaomi Mia Xii smart camera enhanced version experience

This time is the first product in 2019 that I think is worthless but still ordered to be purchased. The official website is $399 Xiaomi Mijia Xiaobai Smart Camera Enhanced Edition. For the sake of simplicity and rudeness, some conclusions are first placed in the first paragraph. . The reason for not worth it is actually the same as most people, just a home camera, $99 or $139 can already meet the basic needs, this original price of $600, the promotion of $350  smart camera enhanced version of the price is really not tall. It is precisely because of this that it has been on sale for more than two months, and so far there have been few people to share related experiences. In fact, I am not a rice noodle, nor are I using a millet phone. In the past, there were only a few experiences of the millet galvanometers.
Welcome to watch this article . In fact, this lock is good, it does not have WIFI itself, only Bluetooth, if you need remote alarm, view status, increase linkage, you need a built-in Bluetooth gateway device to do the jump, but the rain gradually, put The distance is blowing far… Sing it, oh, it’s easy to release yourself recently. However, the Mijia does not have an independent Bluetooth gateway, and the official website has several devices with Bluetooth gateway. According to the price range of $100~300, I have selected 3 products still on sale: Mijia bedside lamp 1st generation, Xiaomi smart alarm clock, Mijia Xiaobai camera enhanced version. Among them, the camera is more practical and convenient to directly link security. For the Mijiamen lock, I also had to fall into the pit of the Mijia ecological chain.

What equipment is included in a complete video surveillance?

First, network camera + camera bracket


Network camera, also known as IPC, IP Camera, is the main equipment for video image acquisition. The biggest advantage of network camera comparison analog camera is high definition. The resolution of network camera is high, and it can achieve high definition effect. The resolution of network camera is 130. Megapixels, 2 million pixels, 3 million pixels, etc.

Second, the network high-definition DVR

The main purpose of the network HD DVR is to realize centralized management, device search, image preview, centralized recording, video playback and other functions for the front-end network camera, using embedded Linux system. Therefore, in order to ensure the recording storage time, the network HD DVR generally supports multiple bays.

Third, monitor the hard disk

The main purpose of monitoring the hard disk is to store the video recording and install it in the network HD DVR. Due to the high resolution of the network camera and the large code stream, the storage capacity per unit time is much larger than that of the analog monitor. Therefore, the capacity of the hard disk is high. At the same time, since the video requires 24 hours of continuous recording, the quality requirements of the hard disk are also high, so it is recommended to select a large-capacity monitoring-class hard disk in the digital network monitoring. The current hard disk specifications are generally 4T, 6T, 10T and so on.

Fourth, the display

The display is mainly used to display video images on the network HD DVR, and is connected to the network HD DVR via VGA or HDMI interface.

Can meet the most basic video call needs – Logitech Logitech C170 webcam

When I chose it, I wanted to buy a cheap one. I thought that I used to use the camera to occasionally have no sound or no image. I have to re-plug the various egg pains or choose a brand. Finally, I chose the cheapest Logitech. Logitech C170 webcam , when buying black special price 69 yuan.
It took more than two months to be pretty good. I didn’t have any problems. When I used the camera, I used most of the c270 files. I didn’t find the experience of using c170, so let me send one myself.

A lot of Logitech cameras are almost the same shape, and the support method is the same. When I buy it, I think it would be enough to buy the lowest end of my small water pipe upload and QQ video restrictions. Anyway, I can see clearly if the person hears clearly, even if it is qualified, After getting the hand, unpacking the box for half a day results in a camera body + a few sheets of paper, Logitech Webcam Software, this has to go down

A usb interface can be used, but it is recommended to install a Logitech Webcam Software. Sometimes it is more convenient to take a picture with the camera. Compared to the c270, the c170 does not have any filters and special effects.

There are two installation methods. The bracket has two joints that can move like the following picture to support the camera on the table. The red circle has a green bar indicator, which will light up when the camera works. Being filmed.

Video surveillance system installation and construction basics

The basic knowledge of the installation and construction of video surveillance system, video surveillance is the first system that needs to be mastered for the newcomers who have just entered the line. The installation of video surveillance system is the most basic skill. The weak newcomers can take this. The article is familiar and used in practice to fully grasp the video surveillance system.
First, cable selection and tool preparation

1. Video cable: SYV75-3 line transmission within 300 meters, 75-5 line transmission within 500 meters, 75-7 line can transmit 800 meters; more than 500 meters distance, it is necessary to consider the use of “optical cable”. Also, pay attention to the quality of the “coaxial cable.
2, power cord: to choose “flame retardant” cable, the skin is strong, under the premise of cost, try to use thick points to reduce the attenuation of the power supply.
3, twisted pair: cat5e or cat6
4, control line: generally use “with shielding” 2 * 1.0 cable, RVVP2 * 1.0.
5, threading pipe: generally use “PVC pipe” can be, to “buried, explosion-proof” project, you must choose “galvanized” steel pipe.
Preparation tools:

Electrician knife, ladder, electric iron, one-word screwdriver, cross screwdriver, needle-nosed pliers, impact drill, level ruler, pull wire, wire drop, wire stripper, ink line, lip clamp, digital multimeter or pointer multimeter, 500V Insulation shaker, cable clamp
Prepare the auxiliary materials:
Plastic expansion tube, machine screw, flat washer, spring washer, terminal block, drill bit, solder, flux, insulating tape, plastic tape, crystal head, various joints, etc.
installation steps:
Pre-installation test, camera installation, central terminal equipment installation, commissioning

Second, the camera style is divided into fixed camera, high-speed ball machine and PTZ camera, hemisphere machine and other three we will talk about the mainstream.
Fixed camera installation
1. According to the actual situation of the site, choose the installation method, the outdoor pole is used, the horizontal bracket is installed, the indoor horizontal wall bracket installation or ceiling lifting is installed, and the universal steering clamp is installed on the bracket, and the connection of the universal steering clamp and the horizontal bracket is plated. Zinc screws are fixed.
2. If the pole is installed, the height of the pole is not less than 3.5 meters according to the field of view. The thickness of the fixed steel plate of the pole is not less than 8mm. The basic embedded parts are made of 16mm threaded round steel, the height is 500mm and the width is 200mm. The mesh structure. In the installation position, excavate the soil, put the embedded parts into the ground, the height is 70mm above the ground, and then pour the cement with the label 1:1. When pouring, the threaded part higher than the ground part is made of insulating tape. Bandaging, the monitoring pole can be installed after 4-5 days.
3. Install the pole. When installing, be careful to remove the paint on the surface of the pole. Fix it with a 16mm nut. Add a washer and a spring between the nut and the screw. The height of the screw is not more than 10mm. The excess is cut with a cutter. After the fixing is completed, apply anti-rust paint on the screws and screws. After the anti-rust paint is dry, apply the same paint as the vertical bar.
4. Fix the bracket with galvanized screws on the top of the pole, fix the bottom cover of the shield on the universal movable clamp on the bracket, and insert the video cable and the power cable into the protective cover. The cable and the protective cover are sealed by a sealing ring. The bare wire between the shield and the pole is protected with a 16mm plastic hose. The analog monitor is installed on the video line to solder the BNC head, fix the tested camera, plug in the BNC head and the lotus head of the power supply, and cut off the 220V power supply before plugging in the power. Secure the top cover of the shield with screws, but do not screw all the screws. Digital monitoring twisted pair made crystal head (RJ45).

Don’t want to be cheated? In addition to monitoring the camera brand, video surveillance systems must know this knowledge!

What brand of surveillance camera is good? This is a question that many people are asking me. This is a more general question.
I have personally worked in the security industry for nearly 8 years. In 2010, I entered Chengdu Wanquan Electronics and worked in the security industry. 8 years from an ordinary employee to the department manager. Although it is not an elite, it is also an introduction.

I think they want a stable, cost-effective video surveillance system. The reason why the brand is asked is because they feel that the brand machine is of good quality and stable performance. However, as far as the entire monitoring system is concerned, the brand of the surveillance camera is good, and does not mean that the equipment is running stably.
It’s like you go to a computer. Nowadays, many people’s computers are not branded machines. Most of them are assembly machines. Maybe the motherboard is ASUS, the CPU is Intel, and the chassis is XXX. Why choose this? Because of this choice, performance can meet your needs and cost-effective.

The monitoring system is the same. One of the simplest monitoring systems includes: surveillance cameras, power supplies, power cords, hard disk recorders, cables, brackets, displays, cable boxes, switches, routers, and more. Every device will affect the stability of the later period.
The key is not to monitor which brand of camera is good, but which video surveillance system solution is more suitable for you! More suitable for your use environment and usage habits, more to meet your needs! This is the point.
The factors that affect the effect of later use are roughly the following:
First, surveillance camera parameters and performance
It includes: product features, imaging devices, effective pixels, lens parameters, minimum illumination, horizontal resolution, motion detection, infrared illumination distance, audio/video parameters, resolution, compression format, network interface, network protocol, protection Grade, power supply voltage, power supply, product size, product weight, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, etc.;

Surveillance camera parameters and performance are based on the use environment and personal needs to select the appropriate parameters and performance. Parameters and performance are more important than brands in some cases. The closer you are to the equipment you need, the better the later results. The performance of each manufacturer’s equipment is somewhat different, and the theoretical performance and actual performance are also different. Not the performance of the big brand equipment will be able to meet your needs. Flexible choice, contrast selection is the best way.